Night Waver

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The Night Waver is a sign holder's dream come true. Powered by strong LEDs, this sign can function as a waver sign, backpack sign, and window light box.

Product Type: LED Sign

Battery Powered

Pre-installed rechargeable battery powers the Night Waver for 3-4 hours per use. The included charger is simple to use. Just plug it into the wall and allow it to charge. The charger will stop charging once the battery is full.

Night Waver spinner sign

Night Waver spinner sign

LED illuminated

For maximum visibility the Night Waver is internally lit with LEDs on both sides. LED's have a 50,000 hour life expectancy. These lights illuminate the entire area of your sign message with light so that your message can be seen from a long distance day or night.

Swappable Graphics

It takes about 30 seconds to change the sign panel in the Night Waver. The sign panel itself is a translucent plastic material mounted to a polycarbonate panel. This makes for fast easy message change out. Just unclip the track on all 4 sides of the box, remove the installed panel and re-install your new panel.

Night Waver spinner sign

Night Waver spinner sign

Durable Design

The aluminum frame, durable plastic corners and industrial strength hardware were all designed with durability in mind. Have no doubt in your mind that the Night Waver will shine in all conditions.

4 in 1 sign

The Night Waver can function in four attention grabbing ways

  • As a Horizontal Orientation waver sign with handles on the back
  • As a Vertical Orientation waver sign with handles on the sides
  • As a backpack using the enclosed shoulder straps
  • As a window light box using the chain and bolt on hanging hardware.
Night Waver spinner sign
Night Waver
Night Waver
Night Waver
Night Waver

 Night Waver ships with:

  • Night Waver
  • 1 custom panel
  • HD Handles
  • Backpack Attachment
  • Window Hanging Hardware
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Soft Travel Case

Product Specs

Night WaverDimentions 25" x 34.5"
Panel Dimentions 22.25" x 31.5"
Material Polycarbonate
Print Method 4-color Process (CMKY)
Weight 9lbs


Shipping Specs

 Shipping Dimentions 24" x 36" x 3"

Night Waver Artwork

Each Night Waver will include the production of one artwork. Once you have placed your order, you will be prompted to upload artwork at the order confirmation screen. This will take 3 days to produce before it is shipped out. For more information see our artwork guide.

Artwork specs

All artwork should consider the following:

  • All artwork is printed in 4 color process (CMKY). We do NOT print pantone.
  • All Arrows should include a 1 inch bleed
  • Be thoughtful of important content near the point of the arrow. It may be cut off in the trimming process.

Template Files

Download a template and follow the instructions included with the file. All submitted files are best saved as JPEG format.

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Night Waver