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Two Strategic Sizes

Our Spinner arrows are available in two smart sizes, 4 foot and 5 foot options. The more compact 4ft arrow is easy to ship and store. Ideal for businesses with limited space. The 5ft arrow is designed to gain as much visibility as possible. If attention is what you want, the 5ft is the way to go! spinner signs and sidewalk signs. spinner arrow spinner signs and sidewalk signs. spinner arrow

Professional Grade Materials

We use the same quality materials that professional sign spinners around the country specify for all of their signs. All of our signs are rigid and heavy duty all while keeping the weight low so that wavers can use the signs all day.


Our Giant Arrows are made of strong 10mil Coroplast plastic. The unique corrugated plastic is lite weight yet durable and designed to stand up to bumps, bangs and drops. These arrows can take a beating! spinner signs and sidewalk signs. spinner arrow spinner signs and sidewalk signs. spinner arrow

Weather Resistant

We start the Giant Arrow process with high quality Avery vinyl. Once your graphic has been digitally printed, it is covered with durable UV laminate to resist fading.

Full color digital print

Graphics are all printed onĀ full color high definition printers. Make sure to keep your message big and bold so it can be read easily by passing traffic. spinner signs and sidewalk signs. spinner arrow

Single or Double sided

Our signs can be single or double sided. Giant arrows are most commonly printed double sided so that both directions of traffic can be directed to the store in the correct orientation. spinner signs and sidewalk signs. spinner arrow
Arrows now come in two sizes:
  • Giant Arrow (60" tall by 20" wide)
  • Mega Arrow (72" tall by 20" wide)

    All Arrows are:
  • Double-sided
  • Made with thick coroplast construction, built to withstand bending
  • Include handles for waver to firmly grip while they dance and wave

    Lead time for this product is 3-5 business days
  • Get $500 Arrow Artwork

    Each Get $500 Arrow will include the production of one artwork. Once you have placed your order, you will be prompted to upload artwork at the order confirmation screen. This will take 3 days to produce before it is shipped out. For more information see our artwork guide.

    Artwork specs

    All artwork should consider the following:

    • All artwork is printed in 4 color process (CMKY). We do NOT print pantone.
    • All Arrows should include a 1 inch bleed
    • Be thoughtful of important content near the point of the arrow. It may be cut off in the trimming process.

    Template Files

    Download a template and follow the instructions included with the file. All submitted files are best saved as JPEG format.

    Get $500 Arrow